Myrtle Beach Rules

We get it, rules are not fun, however in order to enjoy a safe and fun environment there needs to be some rules in place. The local beach rules are typical and what you would expect on any beach. Be sure to familiarize yourself before you set out on your beach day adventure.  

No Alcohol on Beach Sign

No Alcohol on the beach. For those that like to partake, you will have to do it elsewhere. Don't worry as there are plenty of establishments nearby. 

camp fire on the beach

No Fires on the beach. While on the beach there cannot be any fires, including grills and releasing of Chinese lanterns.

Driving on the beach

We love to enjoy an off-roading adventure, but the local beaches are not vehicle friendly. Please keep all vehicles off the beach.

Glass shard in the sand

This one is oblivious. Please do not bring glass onto the beach. The beach sand can be hot, so lets worry about that instead of glass shards!

The rules are relatively straightforward and common sense. Below are a few more rules to observe while on the beach.

  • No sleeping on the beach or beach accesses from 9 p.m. to 8 a.m.
  • No diving or jumping from piers.
  • Destruction of sea oats, beach grass/vegetation, and sand fencing is unlawful.
  • No littering on the beach or the ocean.
  • Nudity is prohibited including thong bathing suits.
  • Solicitation and commercial activities are prohibited.
  • Fireworks are prohibited on the beach and oceanfront properties that have been deemed and posted as a Firework Prohibited Zone.      

    For more information regarding beach rules and or changes in the rules please visit the Horry County website.